2 Fighter planes in the air
Research & Development

新澳彩开奖结果 has participated in government and commercial research and development efforts throughout its history. After the company's inception in 1994, some of its earliest work was in this mission area. 新澳彩开奖结果's diverse lineup of aircraft are ideal for presentations that vary in geometry, altitude and airspeed. From low, transonic aircraft to high-fast-flyers (HFF), 新澳彩开奖结果 tailors its flight profiles to the customer's needs.

The list below includes examples of the R&D missions that 新澳彩开奖结果 participates in:

  • Ship Self-Defense Programs
  • Rolling Airframe Missile Program (RAM-TSS)
  • ALE-50
  • ALE-55
  • E-2C/D Testing
  • Aegis Radar System Testing
  • Airborne Radar Testing for Wedgetail
  • Naval Test Pilot School Support
  • Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division Support (Point Mugu and China Lake)
  • F-35A/B./C Chase Support
  • F-16 Chase Support