2 Fighter planes in the air
Air to Air

新澳彩开奖结果 maintains a versatile and highly capable fleet of transonic and supersonic aircraft in support of the air-to-air mission. Our Mirage F1s, the F-21 Kfirs and a large cohort of Mk-58 Hawker Hunters allow 新澳彩开奖结果 to present a diverse array of formations and tactics to our clients. Our onboard systems are continuously evaluated and upgraded to present threat-representative adversaries to air forces around the world. Our pilots are qualified and seasoned aviators with thousands of hours in the air-to-air arena. Many of them are TOPGUN, MAWTS-1 and USAF Weapons School graduates.

The list below includes a majority of 新澳彩开奖结果's daily air-to air taskings, but the list is not all-inclusive:

  • Fighter Intercepts
  • Basic Fighter Maneuvers
  • Advanced Electronic Attack
  • Offensive and Defensive Counter-Air Tactics
  • Large Force and Self-Escort Strike Opposition
  • Large Force Exercise (LFE) Participation
  • U.S. Navy Air Wing and SFARP Training
  • U.S. Air Force Fighter Weapons School Adversary support
  • Strike Fighter Tactics Instruction (SFTI)/TOPGUN Training
  • Airborne Air Intercept Controller (AIC) training with fighter tactical comm simulations
  • Weapons Instructor Course support
  • TAC D&E support
  • Unit Level Training for Fleet and Air Force squadrons
  • Unit Level Training for Fleet Replacement Squadrons (FRSs)/Formal Training Units (FTUs)
  • Fighter syllabus upgrades
  • Fighter air-to-air gunnery practice